Beyond Showing Up

A few months ago, I attended an awesome marketing conference in Boston. Speakers from Michelle Obama to Billie Jean King and Issa Rae graced the main stage, and at the end of 4 days of walking back and forth throughout the conference center, I was about ready to collapse. My phone was really proud of me for getting so many steps in (thanks for the support, Samsung Health!)

What struck me afterward, reflecting back on the experience, was that several speakers echoed an idea I’ve been hearing a lot recently: that we have to “show up” in order to be successful.

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Hiking the Spookiest Mountain

On sunny days – which are few – the mountain could almost pass for friendly.

Today is one of those rare days, sky completely devoid of clouds so that we have a clear view of the summit from the recently-rebuilt lodge at the mountain’s base.

Spencer and I power-hike (for us, at least), largely motivated by large packs of kids following their leaders up the trail. Nothing against the youth of today, but we’re happy to get ahead of the mass of people, disappearing into the woods until the only sounds are our own breath and the wind through the trees. Our breathing is labored, but our muscles feel strong.

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