About Me

Hi! I’m Katie, an “adult.”

I write about adventures in the outdoors and in everyday life, and how a straightforward path is hard to come by.

Last year, I graduated from college and found myself at a complete loss of what would make me a happy, productive member of society. After years of studying hard and stacking on extra-curriculars to get from one level to the next, I no longer knew definitively where to go. I balked at the word “career.” I applied to jobs I didn’t want.

After building up a lot of unnecessary stress, I finally figured out that I had to stop focusing so much on all the unknowns that were behind the tightening in my chest, and make progress by moving forward – in any direction. There were, after all, a few things that I knew I wanted to do more of: writing, traveling, and getting outside.

This blog is about that process and the way it continues today.

I mess up a lot, and sometimes I do absolutely nothing on the weekends. My Instagram aesthetic isn’t super pulled-together (lots of blue, though.) In short, I’m not perfect.

My hope is that this blog helps you remember that that’s okay, especially you twenty-somethings out there who are like me and struggling to find purpose.

Apparently this is a hallmark of our generation.

I’m starting this blog to challenge myself and share my stories of how not to do things, how not not to do things, how to suck it up and move forward when everything is terrible, places to go and new things to try, and most of all, to work on this run-on sentences problem I have.

My way is wandering. It’s taken me to different parts of the world, but it’s also brought me new ways of approaching situations and adopting new perspectives.

I’m excited to see where it will go.

Thanks for reading.