Wander Weekly #9: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Recently, I had a conversation with friends about how every time an exciting space event is coming up, it always seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Apparently, something of that caliber happens every 3 months – or at least, that’s what it feels like.

In honor of the total solar eclipse on Monday that the internet can’t get enough of, here’s my favorite joke of late to kick off this eclipse-themed Wander Weekly:

So I’ve got a new GPS that can download other people’s voices, and they direct you around while you’re driving.

The voice I’ve downloaded is Bonnie Tyler, and it’s great and everything, but it keeps telling me to turn around.

And every now and then it falls apart.

(Thanks to The Dinner Party Download)

Now let’s kick it. And please don’t forget to wear eclipse goggles!

I am –


  • Prepare for the eclipse…with karaoke

Looking for inspiration for your eclipse-themed karaoke night? Atlas Obscura has the guide for you.


Just in case seeing an eclipse in totality isn’t cool enough for you.

(Via the REI Co-op Journal)


Apparently, people living along the path of totality have been renting out their homes for “astronomical prices” for months now. I see what you did there, Atlantic.

(Via The Atlantic)


  • “How to Plan a Last-Minute Eclipse Trip”

For all my procrastinators out there…if you’re not deterred by those prices, The New York Times has you covered.


I’ll leave you with this. ‘Nough said.


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