Hiking the Spookiest Mountain

On sunny days – which are few – the mountain could almost pass for friendly.

Today is one of those rare days, sky completely devoid of clouds so that we have a clear view of the summit from the recently-rebuilt lodge at the mountain’s base.

Spencer and I power-hike (for us, at least), largely motivated by large packs of kids following their leaders up the trail. Nothing against the youth of today, but we’re happy to get ahead of the mass of people, disappearing into the woods until the only sounds are our own breath and the wind through the trees. Our breathing is labored, but our muscles feel strong.

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Do the Thing Solo Or, Stop Telling Yourself You Can't Do Stuff Unless Someone Goes With You

Today is the day I admit the extent of my loserdom: I once went to a concert by myself.

It was a small-ish concert at the Black Cat in D.C., headlined by a band that I still love. (Magic Man haters not welcome.) The problem was that I didn’t know very many people in D.C. at the time, and of the people I knew, I was pretty sure none of them had heard of this band that I listened to all the time.

I’m just too hipster and obscure, obviously.

So I worried about it, and felt like a loser, and considered asking a roommate to go with me, and then I bought the damn ticket.

Because when I thought about it, why wouldn’t I want to go to a concert with the only person I knew who loved this band like I did – myself?

That’s super cheesy, but I enjoyed not having to worry about what other people thought of the music, or whether we could stay after to meet the band (which I did), or if the person I would have dragged along was having fun. I was there. I was having fun.

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Wander Weekly #2: Weekend Warriors

There aren’t always going to be this many W’s, I promise. Don’t hate me.

Wander Weekly is a – you guessed it – weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

This week: a dedication to weekend adventures.

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Listening to:

  • “Kids (acoustic)” by frenship

The best ship is Frenship. This song is definitely melancholy in its acoustic version, but still upbeat enough that I find my head bobbing along.


  • This article about hiking with a hangover by the folks at Kelty

In college, I fell more in love with the outdoors and became, as they say, a bit crunchy. Eventually, I learned to prioritize getting up early to spend time outside (I am not a morning person, mind you.) But also, college. This read has some nice expert tips on balancing your love for the outdoors with your self-loathing on Saturday mornings.


  • “For people who feel behind in life🏃🏿” from evelyn on the internets

This video was one of my “Recommended” on YouTube, and I’m so glad I clicked on it. Am I way behind the times and the #coolkids for not knowing Evelyn on the Internets? Don’t answer that. Anyways, the slow-mo/deep life advice interwoven with hilarious commentary is amazing.

Bonus Pro Tip:

Honey is a browser extension that finds coupons for you when you’re online shopping. Seriously, it does all the work. Just download it already.


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