Wander Weekly #12: Mother Nature

Mini announcement! Wander Weekly will be going on hiatus starting next week so I can focus more on longer writing.

Yes, this last Wander Weekly for a while is on a Saturday, which goes to show you how little time I’ve been able to dedicate to writing things up recently.

By taking a break from this section, I’m planning to put that energy towards some longer essays in the coming weeks. Next up, I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and photos from the roads of Canada and Montana that we explored a few weeks back.

With that…

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Wander Weekly #11: Labor of Love

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Long weekends are often lazy weekends. While I love being lazy, I’m stoked to be traveling to Spokane tomorrow, then on to Banff, for a week of hiking and camping and crystalline lakes.

That means no posts next week, but (hopefully) lots of writing time to get back into digging deep in time for fall.

On another note – how is it already September??

Anyway, first and foremost in this Wander Weekly, here is a NYT article highlighting good ways to donate to victims of Hurrican Harvey and avoid scams.

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Wander Weekly #10: Be Humble & Resilient

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Taylor Swift is releasing a new album and it’s basically 2014 again!!!

Are you Team 🐍? Team Kimye? Team I-really-couldn’t-care-less?

Fine. Here’s a short and sweet WW to kick off the weekend.

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Wander Weekly #9: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Recently, I had a conversation with friends about how every time an exciting space event is coming up, it always seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Apparently, something of that caliber happens every 3 months – or at least, that’s what it feels like.

In honor of the total solar eclipse on Monday that the internet can’t get enough of, here’s my favorite joke of late to kick off this eclipse-themed Wander Weekly:

So I’ve got a new GPS that can download other people’s voices, and they direct you around while you’re driving.

The voice I’ve downloaded is Bonnie Tyler, and it’s great and everything, but it keeps telling me to turn around.

And every now and then it falls apart.

(Thanks to The Dinner Party Download)

Now let’s kick it. And please don’t forget to wear eclipse goggles!

I am –


  • Prepare for the eclipse…with karaoke

Looking for inspiration for your eclipse-themed karaoke night? Atlas Obscura has the guide for you.


Just in case seeing an eclipse in totality isn’t cool enough for you.

(Via the REI Co-op Journal)


Apparently, people living along the path of totality have been renting out their homes for “astronomical prices” for months now. I see what you did there, Atlantic.

(Via The Atlantic)


  • “How to Plan a Last-Minute Eclipse Trip”

For all my procrastinators out there…if you’re not deterred by those prices, The New York Times has you covered.


I’ll leave you with this. ‘Nough said.


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Wander Weekly #8: Time to Step Outside

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

We’re hitting the dog days of summer, and I’m all about taking full advantage of these daylight hours while I still can. (Although I caught of whiff of fall in the air the other day, and I have to admit I’m excited.)

In between blasting “Perfect Places” in my car all week and getting excited for friends coming to town, this is what I’ve been enjoying.

I am –


A compilation of outdoor tips, from how to keep calm in an emergency to decluttering your life with Marie Kondo.

(Via Outside)


“Being rad is not a story. Being rad and doing sick shit with your rad bros is not a story. You have to seek out extraordinary places and new ways of exploring them.”

(Via The Clymb)


Giant horses in the hillsides! Could you get more precious, England?!

(Via Atlas Obscura)


I haven’t actually seen Dunkirk yet, but I’m looking forward to the soundtrack already.

(Via Vox)


Highly recommend this movie – I laughed, I cried. It’s based on the true story of Kumail Nanjiani and his girlfriend who becomes ill and has to enter a medically-induced coma.


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Wander Weekly #7: Roll On, Roller Coaster

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Are you a roller coaster person, or not a roller coaster person? There’s no in-between.

I rode my first loop roller coaster when I was 8 because I’mhardcore. Also, I was a tall child. But really, I love roller coasters, and I’m pumped to be heading to the Roller Coaster Capital of the World tomorrow: Cedar Point.

Alrighty, then. Let’s roll out. (Sorry.)

This week, I am –


“The square inch of silence is one of only 12 “quiet zones” remaining in the U.S., and its claim of being the country’s quietest place has been supported by the readings of decibel meters.”

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Wander Weekly #6: Workin’ for the Weekend

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Happy Friday, party people! I’m wandering up north this weekend, but first, a roundup of people gettin’ the job done.

I am –


Even if you’re not a web developer, I think it’s important to be mindful in the workplace. Just because self-care is a thing now doesn’t mean we’re not all stressing ourselves out way more than we should be (good job, America.)

Take care of yourselves out there – and find the tips that work best for you.


“It takes a unique kind of person, I think, to handle all of the no’s, and people telling you’re stupid, and people telling you it’s not gonna work, just again and again and again and again till suddenly it works and everyone thinks you’re a genius.”

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Wander Weekly #5: Forces of Nature

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Did you see that giant iceberg that broke off of Antarctica? And the new images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot / enormous storm that’s casually been swirling for 350 years?

And if you’re wondering just how large that iceberg is…

Nature is crazy.

Happy Friday – it’s scorching hot, but I hope you enjoy the great outdoors this weekend, anyway.

I am –


A few days ago, this film’s tour made a stop in D.C. The first two showings were sold out, but I snagged a ticket at 10:30pm the night before for the additional late showing, and I’m so glad I did.

Under an Arctic Sky is about a group of surfers, Chris included, who set out to find epic waves to surf off the northern coast of Iceland during the dead of winter. Daylight was scarce, and the country saw its worst storm in 25 years while they were there. I got cold just watching the film, but the incredible cinematography was worth it.

Also, did I mention it’s really frickin’ hot in D.C.? I was down to watch a film featuring lots of snow.

Even if you don’t know who Chris Burkard is, you’ve probably seen his amazing nature and adventure photos before. He’s also awesome in person and gave a Q&A / slideshow presentation after the film. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in any of the tour’supcoming cities.

Can’t make it to the tour? The music in the film is pretty great, too:

Listening to:

  • “Young Blood” by Noah Kahan

    The second verse of this song starts out, “So when you’re mad for no reason /
    At everything at once,” so yeah, I find it relatable.

The acoustic version is also killer.

Laughing at:

Also, as someone who uses “hehe” as a frequent text response, this article made me feel like a loser. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop, though.

(Thanks to GNI for these.)

Excited by:

And it comes inpistachio-macaroon and crÚme brûlée flavors. Genius.

Bonus Pro Tip:

And get 2 months of Premium for free. I’ve watched tons of photography and other creative how-to series on here, and it’s super helpful. Come on, all the kids are doing it.


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Wander Weekly #4: Are We There Yet?

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

You may have noticed that this roundup doesn’t always feature items related to the week’s theme.

But I’m heading up to the good ol’ Dirty Jerz this weekend (also known as the Jersey Shore, Jersey, my home state, or what I had to defend the most in college.)

So, this week, we’re road trippin’. Whether you like it or not.

I am –


  • The news that Amelia Earhart may have survived her plane crash

ICYMI, a photo was found recently that experts say shows Amelia Earhart and her pilot, Fred Noonan, safe and sound on the Marshall Islands after her disappearance in 1937.

I have no idea how anyone could identify someone from this grainy, black-and-white photo, but I’ll go ahead and trust the experts and get excited about it anyway. And I would totally watch a movie about this updated version of Earhart’s story (one that hopefully does better than this one.)

A bit freaked out by:

This website is meant to be pretty ominous, but it does get you thinking on how all the data being collected out there can impact the way we act.

Related: on my way home from work the other day, I listened to a podcast that talked about this New York Times Magazine story from a few years back. It’s about how Target hired a statistician to help predict customer shopping behavior – to the point where they could tell when someone was pregnant before that person had even told anyone. Here’s a take on it from Forbes if you’re looking for a summary.

Also, Target did REALLY WELL from this uber-“target”-ing strategy (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Apparently companies know us better than we know ourselves. I work in marketing, so this really shouldn’t be news, but still. Thoughts? Arguments? Concerns? I have some.

From the NYT:

As Pole’s computers crawled through the data, he was able to identify about 25 products that, when analyzed together, allowed him to assign each shopper a “pregnancy prediction” score. More important, he could also estimate her due date to within a small window, so Target could send coupons timed to very specific stages of her pregnancy.

Kind of makes you want to pull a Ron Swanson.


Vutheara was one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram and is now one of my favorite photographers. He’s based in Paris, where I studied abroad, and I took a lot of inspiration from his photos to find hidden gems of the city.

He also travels a decent bit and takes stunning pictures everywhere he goes. Definitely follow if you’re a Francophile or just looking for some wanderlust inspiration.

Notre-Dame de Paris 🐩

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Come Fly With Me đŸŽ¶

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Listening to:

  • “Dancing in the dark” by Bruce Springsteen

Had to throw some Jersey pride in here (this one is on-theme!)

Bonus Pro Tip:

Katie Bonos not only has the best first name (duh), she’s a fellow alum from my alma mater and just set a new Denali ascent speed record. Oh, and she trained while also studying for the MCAT.

If motivation-by-stickers worked for her, I see no reason not to try it.


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Wander Weekly #3: Live Free or Die

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Happy almost-Independence Day, American friends!

Please pour one out for those of us who don’t have Monday off. (🙋)

This week: a reminder that freedom isn’t free. Do what you want with your life.

I am –


Rebecca Rusch is a BADASS, as showcased by this interview. Her story seems really interesting, and the way her long ride and resulting film intertwines a personal connection to the Vietnam war with outdoor adventure is incredible.

Thanks to Abigail Wise’snewsletter (featured in last week’s WW!) for the read.

Listening to:

I listened to this episode of the She Explores podcast on my commute this week, and I definitely admire Jainee and Lindsay’s drive (get it? drive? I was driving. I’m so hilarious.)

Anyways, I’ve had entrepreneurship on the mind this week, which I touched on a bit a few days ago.


Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator who was based in D.C. up until a few months ago. She draws simple and inspirational depictions of life that are super #relatable, and she has 509k Instagram followers. Sorry I’m not more obscure and underground with my recommendations, but she’s too good not to follow.

Mari had an event at a store in D.C. where I got the chance to meet her – here’s an awkward picture I made a stranger take of us! Adulthood, amirite??


  • Lighting The Fire:Wrong Turns

I am fascinated by ultrarunners. Jim Walmsley is no different (in fact, he’s the best.) From Outside Online:

“From 9MindAsylum,Lighting The Fire: Wrong Turns tells the story of Jim Walmsley’s eventful start in the sport of ultrarunning. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force and dealing with bouts of severe depression, Walmsley turned to running to get his life back on track. He moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and connected with a community of runners who helped him rebound and supported him after his infamous wrong turn at mile 93 of the 2016 Western States 100 race.”

Bonus Pro Tip:

  • Get a library card

Yes, I am a super nerd, but I cannot even tell you how much money I have saved and reading I have enjoyed thanks to libraries. I like to read. The library has free books. It just makes sense. Sure, my local library’s website is from circa 2003, but it does the trick of allowing me to request books from the comfort of my bed.

Also, millennials love libraries.


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