Wander Weekly #2: Weekend Warriors

There aren’t always going to be this many W’s, I promise. Don’t hate me.

Wander Weekly is a – you guessed it – weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

This week: a dedication to weekend adventures.

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Listening to:

  • “Kids (acoustic)” by frenship

The best ship is Frenship. This song is definitely melancholy in its acoustic version, but still upbeat enough that I find my head bobbing along.


  • This article about hiking with a hangover by the folks at Kelty

In college, I fell more in love with the outdoors and became, as they say, a bit crunchy. Eventually, I learned to prioritize getting up early to spend time outside (I am not a morning person, mind you.) But also, college. This read has some nice expert tips on balancing your love for the outdoors with your self-loathing on Saturday mornings.


  • “For people who feel behind in life🏃🏿” from evelyn on the internets

This video was one of my “Recommended” on YouTube, and I’m so glad I clicked on it. Am I way behind the times and the #coolkids for not knowing Evelyn on the Internets? Don’t answer that. Anyways, the slow-mo/deep life advice interwoven with hilarious commentary is amazing.

Bonus Pro Tip:

Honey is a browser extension that finds coupons for you when you’re online shopping. Seriously, it does all the work. Just download it already.


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Wander Weekly #1: Wonder Women

Welcome to Wander Weekly, a.k.a. what I’m consuming at the moment. That was a lot of W’s, and I’m sorry. Not that sorry, though.

In honor of the recent release of Wonder Woman, this first round-up is heavy on wonderful women.

Enjoy the first edition!

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Girl's Night In

Listening to:

  • “Line of sight” by ODESZA feat. Wynne + mansionair

ODESZA has been playing on repeat in my life lately (it’s very hard to avoid dancing at work when the beat drops in this song, but I try to limit myself to vigorous head nodding.)

Also, a fun game is trying to sing along to the chorus.


This book is a compilation of interviews with entrepreneurial women, from product designers to filmmakers. My favorites so far have been with Thao Nguyen, lead singer of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, and writer/actor/filmmaker/director Desiree Akhavan, who I previously had not heard of but now want to be my best friend.

Some good quotes:

More risk taking, less ego.

– Desiree Akhavan

I learn more about my process when something that makes me cringe emerges. If I’m not making mistakes or changing, I’m stagnating.

– artist/designer Christine Schmidt


  • “Where the Wild Things play”

Great song, great footage, badass ladies. Thisinterview with filmmaker Krystle Wright is pretty great, too:

…a friend told me, ‘Krystle, if your mum has heard of the song then there is no way you can afford it.’ I ignored the advice and went after it and did not want to take no for an answer.

Bonus Pro Tip:

  • Use Amazon Smileto #buyallthethings instead of regular Amazon

Every time you buy something, Amazon donates a portion of the purchase price to charity, and you can choose from over 1 million charities to support. I was lazy in college and somehow never made the switch until a few months ago, but now every purchase I make kicks back a bit to the World Wildlife Fund.


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