Welcome to The Wandering Adult!

Hi there!

This is where I’ll provide you some context, a brief welcome, and a thank you for getting this far.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for awhile. Much of my procrastination revolved around a) me being a procrastinator and b) the fact that I couldn’t come up with a title. What would my focus be??? Who is my target audience?? How can I maximize my SEO?????????????

Then I scrapped that road and just started writing this post, sans title.

What it amounts to is that sometimes my brain gets too full and I have to let stuff out. (It’s crowded with thoughts such as, Where is that corgi going and is it creepy if I follow it? and How much longer can I wait to eat this avocado before it turns on me? Corgis and avocados are things I, as a basic millennial girl, worry about a lot.)

So, I’ve decided to write down my thoughts.

Specifically, I’m starting this blog to write about my own experiences and adventures as a *cough* twenty-something *cough* who graduated from college and realized,I have no idea what to do with my life.

Original stuff, I know.

In my own experience, adulthood sometimes feels like many of us are floundering around in the dark, looking for the light switch that will illuminate everything and suddenly make the path forward clear. As hard as we look, we still find ourselves clinging to the wall, reaching our hands out with the hope that someday we’ll catch that dang switch.

If I have learned something in the last year since I was forced to leave graduated from college, it is that the switch is never coming.

Wandering, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.

This blog is intended as a creative space to document my quest to sort out life’s fun curveballs and find my own happiness – in my own words.

For me, finding happiness must include:

  • travel,
  • getting outside, and most of all
  • finding your “passion” (buzzword alert!) in a world that sometimes seems like it’s trying to beat you down with a stick.

You’ll find a lot of those things here.

I can’t promise I will always be correct in my musings or assumptions, but I’ll give you my darndest thoughts and advice anyways. And probably too many em dashes. Sorry.

So, here it is: The Wandering Adult.

For anyone who is trying to figure out what to make of this “life” and “adulthood” thing and would like to read along for stories of how I deal with losing the path, finding the path and realizing it’s going in an entirely different direction, or saying “screw it” and forgetting the path. And for anyone who likes adventures.

Hope you enjoy.

If you’d like to learn a little more about me & the blog, you can do so here.