Wander Weekly #12: Mother Nature

Wander Weekly #12

Mini announcement! Wander Weekly will be going on hiatus starting next week so I can focus more on longer writing.

Yes, this last Wander Weekly for a while is on a Saturday, which goes to show you how little time I’ve been able to dedicate to writing things up recently.

By taking a break from this section, I’m planning to put that energy towards some longer essays in the coming weeks. Next up, I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and photos from the roads of Canada and Montana that we explored a few weeks back.

With that…

This week, I am –



(Via NPR)

On Friday, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft sent its last messages back home as it plummeted through Saturn’s atmosphere until it was ripped apart. This death dive marks the final phase of a 13-year mission exploring the ringed planet and its bevy of moons.

Way to be dramatic, Cassini.

(Via Nat Geo)

(Via The New York Times)

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“The Only Heirs” – Local Natives


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