Wander Weekly #6: Workin’ for the Weekend

Wander Weekly #6

Wander Weekly is a weekly post on what I’m consuming at the moment.

Happy Friday, party people! I’m wandering up north this weekend, but first, a roundup of people gettin’ the job done.

I am –


Even if you’re not a web developer, I think it’s important to be mindful in the workplace. Just because self-care is a thing now doesn’t mean we’re not all stressing ourselves out way more than we should be (good job, America.)

Take care of yourselves out there – and find the tips that work best for you.


“It takes a unique kind of person, I think, to handle all of the no’s, and people telling you’re stupid, and people telling you it’s not gonna work, just again and again and again and again till suddenly it works and everyone thinks you’re a genius.”

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AmericanInno also covers local tech news for Chicago, Austin, and most recently, Minneapolis and Rhode Island. If you’re interested in tech in any of these places or just innovation in general, you can sign up here.

Listening to:

  • this playlist I made for y’all

Featuring songs about work. Or tangentially related to work. But not that song by Rihanna, because I find it obnoxious. Sorry. (I’m not sorry.)

Bonus Pro Tip:

  • if you’re not already investing, start today

I’m not an aggressive investor, but I started investing a couple months ago just to get the ball rolling. I also bumped up my 401k percentage last week, which gave my budget sheet a bit of a heart attack but was still totally manageable.

Read this article from the CEO of Ellevest to get motivated, then get started (I use Robinhood, which is super easy to sign up for and totally free.)


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